Commercial Solar Panel Installation: What You Need To Know?

Businesses spend a truckload of money every month on power supply, leading to an increase in electricity bills and carbon footprint. As an alternative option, many businesses turned their attention to commercial solar energy.

Commercial solar panel installation has become increasingly popular among small and large companies. Giant companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Walmart already switched to solar power. This transition is beneficial for companies as well as for future employees.

Many properties like government, non-profit, and corporate sectors have commercial solar panels installed on roofs. It generates a large amount of power to fulfill energy requirements.

Commercial solar panel installation


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Understanding Commercial Solar Power

Solar energy has been used for decades. But what is commercial solar power? As the name suggests, commercial solar is used by companies and properties operating in the commercial sector.

For so many years, companies are still dependent on electricity. Solar power serves as a better alternative for various reasons. For starters, it is a renewable energy source. Secondly, it reduces energy bills. Lastly, it helps cut down a company’s carbon footprint.

Many companies and government organizations are switching to solar power for this exact reason. Commercial solar power is similar to residential solar panels. It traps the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity. This electricity is utilized to power warehouses, factories, buildings, and more.

Commercial Solar Panels Installation Cost

Now let’s talk about the cost involved in installing commercial solar panels. Commercial solar panels are larger than residential ones. This makes the cost of commercial solar panel installation is much higher than its counterpart.


The cost of installing solar panels ranges anywhere between $100,000 and $1,000,000. Some factors such as the size of the business influence the installation charges. Installing solar panels for a larger building will cost more than a smaller one. This is an obvious fact that needs no explanation.

Another solid factor that affects the cost is the energy needs of the company. The higher the energy needs of a company, the more solar panels it needs. This automatically increases the overall cost.

Businesses using solar power are highly beneficial for the company as well as the environment. The sudden rise in global temperatures due to increased carbon footprint has more companies joining the solar energy bandwagon. Solar power is a source of a clean and renewable energy.

Where Are Commercial Solar Panels Installed?

Most residential solar panels are installed on the roof of the building. That’s the ideal place for the panels to absorb the sun’s energy. Also, roofs provide an expansive area for installation.

In a same way, commercial solar panels are also installed on the roofs of warehouses, buildings, and factories. They have vast roofs that are ideal for solar panel installation.

In some cases, commercial buildings may also install panels on the ground. This happens when the number of solar panels is more than what the roof can support.

You will also find car parking lots turned into vehicle charging ports. These open-air garages have solar panels installed on the roof. Some solar panels can elevate or tilt during certain times of the day, enabling it to catch more sunlight.

Steps To Install Commercial Solar Panels

Now that you know the basics of commercial solar panels, let’s walk you through the installation process.

  • Evaluate The Site

The very first thing you need to do is decide the place where you want to install the solar panels. Evaluating the property helps determine the ideal location for installation.

  • Consider The System Design

The next important thing is to decide how you want to arrange the panels. You need to install in a way that it receives maximum sunlight. Depending on your requirements, a professional will design the system.

  • Time Needed For Construction

The duration of the construction process depends on the project size. A small rooftop will take a maximum of 2-3 weeks to get the work done. A large building will take several months to complete. You should hire an experienced installer so they can complete the construction in the least possible time.

  • Commissioning

This is the last and final step of commercial solar panel installation. Your provider will inform you when the panels are ready to install. Once you acquire permission to connect the system, you are all set to generate solar power.

After installing the solar panels, it needs proper maintenance. This ensures the longevity of the panels. Needless to say, it will also keep them functioning smoothly.

Benefits Of Solar Panels For Businesses

It requires heavy investment to install commercial solar panels but helps save money in the long run. Businesses can rely on solar energy to reduce their electricity bills.


The main benefits of commercial solar panels are:

  • Tax Breaks

By installing solar panels, businesses enjoy various tax rebates and incentives. In 2019, the federal government in the US offered a tax credit of 30% for commercial solar panel installations.

  • Increased Value Of Property

Installing solar panels also increases the property’s value. This is true for both commercial and residential properties. Based on statistics, properties with solar-panelled roofs sell out faster than the ones that don’t.

  • Marketing Benefits

Installing solar panels offers a great marketing opportunity for companies. By switching to solar power, they can show the world that they are environmentally conscious. This serves as a big selling point for companies.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Solar power also helps companies reduce their carbon footprint. This has a major influence on the environment as it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from the company. The best part of all is it helps conserve fossil fuels and other energy sources.

Final Words

As of recent, companies are getting more serious about commercial solar panel installation in recent times. Companies now can save more on electricity bills and become more environmental-friendly. Along with everything, companies enjoy tax credits from the government.